How To Get Kindergarteners To Eat Vegetables

Some of you may be wondering what it would take to get your Kindergartener to eat vegetables.  Well, I've found the secret!  

Here are the steps:

1. Meet with Judy to look at a variety of seeds in seed packets.  

2. Choose seeds to plant.

3. Allow the children to do the planting.

4. Water and wait, then wait some more.

5. Watch the young kale, Swiss chard and lettuce plants grow.

6. Encourage the children to weed the garden.

 7. Help the children pick young, tender leaves off the plants.  Avoid the weeds!



8. Wash the plants and spin them dry in a salad spinner.


9. Allow the children use butter knives to cut up bowls of carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes.


10. Serve everything "salad bar style" so children can choose which veggies to eat with the greens.


11. Add cheese, Italian dressing and croutons.




12. Watch the amazing consumption of vegetables by the Kindergarten class!





Have fun cooking and gardening with your adorable and capable children this summer!