Linvilla and Longwood

We had a wonderful Teacher In-Service on Monday, October, 14th.  The topic was expanding your science curriculum with the use of our amazing outdoor space.  While many of the ideas we already put into action, the presenter offered ways to expand on our programs and gave us a few new ideas as well.  It was a good day for all of us.

I had so much fun having everyone out to Linvilla on Tuesday!  What a treat for me to have some of my favorite people visit my favorite place!  I think we all (K) agreed that another trip is in order!  Thank you to all of the parents for making the trip and helping throughout the day. 

We also enjoyed a visit from Longwood Fire Company last week.  They are gracious enough to come and talk about fire safety and the jobs they do.  It's always great fun when they run the sirens and flash the lights on their way out!

Academically - (Oh right, there's that!!) we did some writing about our Linvilla Trip as well as some thank you notes for Judy for her many tree classroom materials she lent us.  We introduced /g/ and /o/ which brings our current total to 11 letters.  In Math, we used peg boards to form numbers.  It is another way to get the formation in to their brains.  We use many methods such as pencil to paper, wiki sticks, shaving cream, play dough and peg boards with rubber bands. 

I have been meaning to mention that we have been conducting a little science experiment growing crystals from a "blooming rock" with the assistance of vinegar as the accelerant. It has been incredibly fun to watch and I want to share a photo so you would understand if your child was speaking about it.

One of the kids found a white pumpkin on the Linvilla trip and I brought in your standard orange pumpkin and we also did some predicting and exploration with them as well last week. We wondered if the insides would be the same or different, if the seeds would look or taste different etc. We graphed our findings.  It was fun!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.