Under the sea...

We have splashed right in to our unit exploration of oceans and sea life.  Each student has chosen a sea creature that he/she are interested in learning more about.  We are gathering facts from non fiction books and the occasional Google search.  The children are a wealth of knowledge already and it is exciting to hear the questions that are coming up.  Some of the things the group is interested in knowing about the oceans are: Why is it when you dig deep in sand, you get to water?  Why does the sand make the design that looks like lines across it? and Why doesn't the ocean freeze? All great questions.  I love these kids.  Our exploration crosses all aspects of our curriculum.  We are writing about sea creatures, drawing, painting and molding in art, in math counting and sorting sea shells and playing sea creature bingo, we have examined all kinds of sea shells from a huge collection that Judy has allowed us to use and also some contributions from the families.  Sharon, Amy, Judy, Meaghan and I have all brought books in from our personal libraries and the children have brought some of their favorites from home as well.  It has been very exciting.  Rita is creating a play based on this unit and the children are developing characters and a plot.  We are just in the beginnings of this process but it looks very fun.   I am looking forward to doing some measuring in the hallway upstairs to see just how big and small our sea animal choices are.  We vary from exploring orcas to the sea horse and many things in between. :)

In Language Arts, we are more than halfway through our deeper understanding of the alphabet!  Super exciting!  There has been an ongoing wonder about how the letters on the letter board get there.  The one day that I put the letters up, the children asked Sharon if she was the one who did that and she answered honestly, no.  The next time, when Sharon put the letters up, they asked me if it was me and I said honestly, no.  I told them that they weren't there when I left at the end of the day and I was the last person to leave the building (truth) - they didn't ask if Sharon put them up in the morning. ;)  This made them start to discuss all the possible scenarios.  One child thought that maybe it was a letter fairy!  One child asked which teacher lived the closest to school (clever) and we said Amy.  They then asked Amy who said that she didn't - she couldn't leave her children at home alone to come over to school!  Then they asked me who the next closest teacher was!!!  Too funny!!  So one morning this week we had new letters on the board and there was GLITTER on the floor near the board!  *GASP* REALLY A Letter Fairy?!?!  This created a group investigation complete with magnifying glasses, a gathering of clues, several hypotheses and a great deal of excitement.  It was fun!  We still don't know but we anxiously await the next letters and any subsequent clues.

This brisk weather has kept us off the bikes but I am hopeful that we will have a few more chances before winter really sets in.  The kids have been asking.  Thank you very much for sending them with all of the appropriate gear for the cold.  I am grateful.  We really don't have much to complain about with the weather.  I feel like we have only been kept inside due to rain a few times and we certainly make the most of that time by building the most AMAZING block structures!

Here are a few photos.  I had a bit of a phone (camera) issue and am in the process of an upgrade but I unfortunately lost more than a few photos.

As always, thank you for sharing your delightful children with me.

In Friendship, Andrea