Winter Arrives

Believe it or not, between conferences, holiday and snow, we have only had 13 school days since my last post!

It was wonderful to meet with each of you at conferences to talk about the children.  Thank you for making the time for this.

I hope the Thanksgiving holidays were lovely.   It was great to hear from the kids which parts of your tradition they appreciate.  An overwhelming favorite aspect of the holiday was pie.  Of course. :)

We are winding down our Sea unit of study.  As you know we put together many of our separate art projects in to a seascape. They were lovely and were absolutely a class collaboration of thought and creativity.   Our musical production on Tuesday afternoon will be the grand finale.  The children chose Space as our next unit of study after the break.

The Letter Fairy has delivered the last of the alphabet to the Kindergarten!!  We have now "met" all of the letters.  We will continue our work in all areas after the break.  We originally were planning to have a publishing party before break but weather and absence have made it seem like a better idea to wait until the New Year.

Speaking of weather, the snow has been SO MUCH FUN!  We have been out playing and collaborating everyday.  Personally, I love it.  The cutest was when we all hiked around to Judy's kitchen to see about carrots for our snowpeople and we knock on the door and a very genuine, sweet child asks, "Judy, do you have carrots and COAL?"  ADORABLE.  Turns out she was fresh out of coal...

I hope you all have a happy and peaceful holiday.