Getting Comfortable :)

Week two has us in a groove per se.  We are used to the routine for the most part and are feeling pretty good about knowing each other.  The afternoon playground recess is one mass of kids playing this game or that.  It's very nice to see.

This week in Fundations we introduced B (b-bat-/b/) and F ( f-fun-/f/) to our letters.  We worked with our letter boards which are magnetic letters and cookie sheets.  This offers a chance to put and see the letters in order and to manipulate them.    We honored both Zuzu and Cerys with their Birthday books which we will do for each of the children.  Summer birthday kids we will do at the end of the school year in anticipation of the birthday.

In Drama, Rita worked with the kids noticing emotions on each other's faces and then had them do a mirroring exercise that was wonderful and ADORABLE.  She really has them engaged and for many, reaching outside their comfort zones in a delightful, safe way. 

Peace Day was wonderful.  Both of the outdoor Meetings were great.  Having the students from Wilmington Friends School with us on Friday was amazing.  They were remarkable.  They jumped right in - engaging the Kindergarteners and participating fully. One of the young ladies in the K was a Fairville Alum!! They helped us paint our Peace doves, read to/with us, enjoyed snack and then played in the taxi yard.  It was adorable watching them play hide and seek and duck-duck-goose!  We almost had to pry one larger young man out of the airplane.  The kids were delighted!   

Water play Friday went well too.  I had half of the kids on the farm yard side of the building with the sprinkler and water table and Meaghan took small groups of interested kids to the K side of the building for use of the slip and slide.  They had a ball.  Even Sharon got in on the fun letting them water her feet!  One small clever group were using oxygen tubing that I have for water table play to put over the sprinkler and fill up a pitcher.  And it worked!  I was impressed! 

A reminder for this week is Thursday 9/26 is Back to School Night.  While most of our happenings at school are child centered, this is one for adults only.   We will gather in the Meeting room at 7pm and will be done by 8pm.  I hope to see you there.

I hope you enjoy these photos from the week. 

In Friendship,