Out of this world!

This crazy weather has given us more than a few days off and late starts but we have been managing great fun and learning in and around the flakes!!

The children asked to do a unit on Space so we have been reading many fiction and non-fiction books and gathering facts on the Sun and the planets in our solar system. These facts will be referred to when each of the children choose a planet about which they will write a fact book.  We will share these books at a publishing party before the end of the month.  (That is if we actually get to come to school!!)  One fun treat was Christine (Ladybug Teacher) brought us some Astronaut Food that was cleared for us to enjoy at snack time one afternoon.  I couldn't imagine from the looks of it that it tasted very good but apparently the kids liked it!

Rita created a lunar surface in Drama that the children were able to take turns walking on while they used their imaginations and the information they learned about atmosphere on the moon.  It was really fun to see.  We are working together to create an orbit exercise where each of them assuming the planet they are studying, will physically rotate and orbit as that planet would around the sun (probably one of the teachers.)

In celebration of finishing the alphabet, we had a little dance party and they were adorable. (photos below)  Also in our phonics instruction, we created a great deal of excitement by adding digraphs to the letter board! With the digraphs we have used our letter trays to spell out words and they were highlighted in one of our mini books that the children brought home to read to you.  In the lessons that accompany the illustrating and sharing of these books, the children practice reading, vocabulary development, critical thinking, speaking and listening skills.   Each of them are very excited with the possibility of reading to you at night.

In math, we have been working with unifix cubes.  Unifix cubes are plastic cubes that fit together and come in a variety of colors.  The manipulation of them is excellent for fine motor practice and the colors lend themselves to sorting, categorizing and patterning.  Most recently in our classroom, we have done measuring activities, basic addition and subtraction practice, and games reinforcing the concepts of turn taking, fair play and rule negotiation.  We have also done some practice with forming numbers with pen to paper but also in shaving cream and snow.  Next we will be beginning to learn about money first looking at coins and their values.

When the weather was so brutally cold, the K created beautiful ice ornaments to bring a little color to the gray/white landscape. (It was also a science experiment noting which froze first, what the container was made of, how much liquid was in it, and speculating whether the color choice would make any difference in freezing time. :))  They were very well received by the community and so we made them again before the Open House and recruited other classes to join us.  The results were delightful!  We have also had SO much fun in the snow.  We have explored ice, built snow creatures, created games and have been sledding like crazy!!  It has been so much fun.

I must mention the newest addition to our classroom. THE LOFT!!!  The children as beyond excited  by it and it has become an integral part of our class.  Already there are many "known" games involving the upper and lower areas.  The children are actually torn about going outside for recess because they'd rather stay in and play one of several loft games!  We were also able to enjoy an afternoon snack up there one day. Of course, the loft is the most comfy reading nook in the room!   THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who donated pillows and carpeting.  Please note the delight in their little faces in the photos below.  Their joy is worth every effort.

Finally, I would just love to have Mystery Readers come in and share a favorite book with the class.  I think Wednesday or Friday afternoon at 2:45 (just before pick up) is a good time but I will make time in our schedule if another time would be more convenient for you.  Please let me know if you have any interest in doing this.

Thank you!!