We had a wonderful time finishing up our space unit with our Publishing Party.  I was so proud of the children's accomplishments.   They were well prepared and so confident!  I honestly don't remember being so self assured at 5/6 years old.  It was a pleasure.  Since I was assisting the children, I do not have photos but please make sure you get a look at Sharon's Taxi Talk.  She featured the Kindergarten's Publishing Party.

We finished comparing different versions of the Three Little Pig and Three Little... stories.  It was a great deal of fun to watch the children as they recognized the nuances in the stories.  They started out noticing illustration differences such as "those pigs were wearing clothes and those weren't" and grew to notice the gender of the pigs and patterns such as which pig built the strongest house in each story or did they run to the next pig's house or not.  It was great to see their observations evolve.  We made a chart for each many of the stories noting setting, characters, plot etc.    Now, each of the children are writing their own stories.  They range from The Three Little Frogs and the Big Bad Fly  to The Three Little Marshmallows and the Big Bad Campfire - and many creative versions in between!!

At the same time, the class took a look at other Fairy Tales.  We read many and in Drama, Rita has been having the children act them out.  It has been a great deal of fun.  The kids take the story, create the sets and take turns being the characters.  Sometimes, alternate versions were "written" by the kids which allowed for more characters at the same time.  Rita is thrilled with their creativity and willingness.

Our phonics work with Baby Echo still continues.  One day, there was a request that baby Echo join us for snack.  They were so excited.  I have been reading aloud during snack from the Beverly Cleary series about Ralph the Mouse.  We have finished The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Runaway Ralph and are just starting Ralph S. Mouse.  They enjoy listening, recalling and making predictions.  I recently gave the kids little resin bunnies that quickly began driving the matchbox-type cars in the classroom.  I think this was a direct result of Ralph.

The Kindergarten has been reviewing coins and their values in Math.  We have been working with visually identifying and placing the correct value.  We mostly concentrated on pennies, nickels and dimes but quarters were introduced. We are exploring Hundreds Charts also. We have played games and completed puzzles that help show the children patterns on the chart.  This introduction will help with counting, number identification and skip counting by twos and fives.

With a great big sigh of relief, we are looking forward to starting our garden plot.  As with most things, I like the kids to decide what they'd like to plant.  These conversations always creates an opportunity for teaching.  For example, we can't grow bananas and oranges in our climate and if we plant pumpkins, they will take over the garden and they take so long to grow, the Kindergarten children won't be here to see the fruits of their labor!!  So, we narrowed down our option in terms of sensibility and created a graph of what each child most wanted to grow.  Of the options, the most votes were received by carrots, cucumbers, and watermelon.  We were asked by Sharon if we could consider growing Kale for Oscar and all of the kids thought that this would be a great idea.  so we have started all of these seeds and we will record their care and any growth.

We had a visit from the Ladybugs one morning as they were learning about teeth and dental care and where better to explore teeth loose, lost and coming in than in a K classroom!! They came down and checked out our mouths.  It was cute.  We really love visits from the other classes especially when it includes siblings.  It is one of the many unique and wonderful aspects of Fairville.

In Spanish, the kids have moved from learning the words for food to parts of the body.  I was incredibly impressed by their use of the Spanish words when requesting from me when I was serving them lunch the other day.  'Mas leche, por favor.'  Even well-mannered when bilingual! :)

It is delightful to be outside again.  I am sure some of the kids came home pretty tired a few days last week,  They didn't stop running the whole recess!!

Once again, I encourage you to come in to read to the kids if you are so inclined.  They loved our first Mystery Reader and he enjoyed himself enough to schedule a second visit!  We'd love to have you!

Best,  Andrea