What a Great Year!!

It is hard to believe that our Kindergarten year is over.  I will miss this class so much.  They all have grown so much both physically and as learners.

The end of the year was a whirlwind of activity with a truly special visit from Kanta Bhatia, Fun Fair, Grandparents and Special Friends Day, our class play Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians, strawberry picking at Linvilla and our special publishing celebration with our families.

 Barbara D. offered to bring a Friend from Kendal at Longwood to speak to the children about her experience being from India and coming to the United States.  Kanta Bhatia wrote A Journey Home, Recollections of a Hindu Daughter about her courageous experience.  She and Barbara graciously spent a few hours one morning showing the Kindergarten photographs and artifacts of her journey and of India.  The children were excellent guests and listeners and asked very interesting questions,  Barbara and I were very proud of them.

I am amazed at the level of dedication and service shown by the parents in our class.  This was especially evident for Fun Fair.  It is a simple truth that the event WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED if it were not for you friends and I am enormously grateful for your tireless efforts.  Everyone had a great time!

We were so lucky to have so many Grandparents and Special Friends join us for a visit.  The children wrote a piece about what they loved most or enjoyed doing with their special person(s). We enjoyed Meeting together, shared our writing, had a snack and played outside.  It was fun!

The play was perfect.  (In my humble opinion)  The children owned it.  It was simple and meaningful.  It spoke of important things that they are learning (just right books and kindness). And most importantly, they had FUN and felt very successful.  We enjoyed practicing, deciding how the set would look and how it would work.  Painting the sets was a fun creative activity.  Everyone took part in it and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Unfortunately, I was narrating and couldn't take photos during the play.  I'm sorry about that.  I trust you have your own.

The trip to the farm was MUCH needed by all of us.  After this winter, a hot day of fresh berries and ice cream was perfect!!  Thank you so much to all the parents who made it possible.

I truly hope you enjoyed your child's "Three Little..." story as much as I did.  Each of the children were so individual and creative.  Many of them reflected their own interest base.  ALL of them worked very hard on the project.  Again, I appreciate you finding the time to come and be a part of their process.

I will miss all of the children and each of you as well.  Please stop by for a visit!