Adventures On The Farm

Children explore and learn through sensory experiences. The Ladybugs enjoyed the rich sensory experiences of our recent farm unit.

We smelled and tasted our friendship vegetable soup, fresh warm applesauce, crisp roasted pumpkin seeds, and Little Red Hen rolls. We smelled the smoke on the beekeeper's head gear, as we tried it on, and also smelled the leather of a worn saddle we sat on.

We felt many things including, the pulp of our Jack-O-Lantern, corn and beans in the sensory table, the wooly sheep, the wiggly worms of the compost lesson, the bubble wrap that we painted, crinkled newspaper that we stuffed our scarecrows with, and the vegetables that we chopped for our soup.

We listened to the honey bees hum in their hive ( demo by Maile's dad ), the sheep calling in the pasture, happy children at play, and books and songs about farms.

We observed the tracks that the painted wheels of trucks made on paper, the corn cob sprouting new plants, the star in the middle of the apples, and the veins that print from painted leaves. We also did a neat science experiment where we put a stalk of celery in a cup of blue dye, then observed the color change in the celery's leaves the next school day.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I would like to thank you for your generous donations of food for the food cupboard and coins for the Red Cross. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!