For the Birds!

The Ladybugs have spent January learning about birds. We read books and sang about penguins. You should have seen us waddle around the room as we sang. We talked about the fact that penguins cannot fly, but they swim. To relate to the penguins in cold climates, we painted with colored ice.

We read about owls and talked about their nocturnal hunting. We sorted feathers in the sensory table and painted with feathers. This week we read more bird books including one about other animals that hatch from eggs. We painted in the salad spinner and turned our artwork into little birds. We also mixed and shaped birdseed treats to share with our feathered friends during this cold weather. Some of the treats were hung in the school yard. One will be sent home with each child for the birds in their yards.

Thank you for sending warm winter gear for your children. We did stay in this week while the temperatures were extreme, but will be going out again soon.

We enjoyed our brief visit with Magic, the Canine Partners for Life 8 week old service dog in training. The exposure to the children was great for the puppy (and the children liked him, too).

Congratulations to the Scheibe Family (Christian, T/TH) and welcome to baby Henry!

Our next unit will be Community Helpers. We will start with doctors and dentists, next week.