Community Helpers

The Ladybugs have been busy community helpers for the past few weeks. They were doctors at Ladybug General Hospital and firefighters in the big red fire truck in our classroom. They looked like a pathetic bunch as patients all wrapped in bandages. They were also police officers and dentists (cleaning "dinosaur teeth" stained with cola). It was fun to see the difference a toothbrush and some toothpaste made. We sang songs about fire fighters, fire trucks, and police officers. We had a shape search on the fire truck. It was loaded with shapes. We also practice "stop, drop, and roll" as part of our fire safety lesson.

Our art projects included painting with toothbrushes, gadgets, bubble wrap, and glue bottles. We also made collages and drew with markers. We are collecting artwork for the art show; some of the artwork will be saved in the portfolios and returned at the end of the year. 

The Ladybugs provided preschool experience to Patrick, the nine month old yellow lab for Canine Partners for Life. The puppy even wore pajamas on Thursday.

Our next theme is Eric Carle books. He has written many great books and his illustrations are beautiful!