Chicks and Eric Carle

The ladybugs enjoyed the stories and beautiful illustrations of Eric Carle. When we read the book about the foolish tortoise, we etched shell designs on foam trays and printed them to make our own tortoises. We made adorable hungry caterpillars from paper circles. We sorted and counted plastic bugs after reading The Very Lonely Firefly.  The rain song was fun after reading Little Cloud.

Our art projects included finger painting, drawing with oil pastels, and circle prints. We also drew with glue then sprinkled our papers with salt. When the glue dried, we painted the salt with watercolors. The children were fascinated watching the paint spread through the lines of salt.

Judy taught a lesson on seeds. The Ladybugs ate seeds for snack - grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, watermelon, and sesame poppy seed crackers. We compared different seeds and planted  some of them. When the snow stops, we will plant some seeds in our Fairville garden.

We hosted another Canine Partners for Life puppy in training. The children enjoyed Beth, an eleven week old yellow lab.

The chicks were a highlight in March. Although they decided to hatch before we got to school on Monday morning, we were still captivated just watching them. We brought chicks to our room and observed them closely before painting chick pictures. We are planning to share our paintings at Meeting for Sharing. We read many books about chickens and one book about other animals that come from eggs. We rolled a ball and an egg on the table. We saw that the ball rolls in a straight line, but the egg was designed so as not to roll out of the nest. We sang some farm and chick songs and the Tuesday/ Thursday class danced the chicken dance.