Fish, Bugs, and Going Green

The Ladybugs spent April and May learning about fish, bugs, and going green. We read fiction and nonfiction books. They learned how flounder start out like other fish, but gradually one eye moves to the other side, the fish flattens and is camouflaged on the bottom of the sea. Our bug study taught us that insects start as eggs, often shed their skin as they grow, and some have bright colors to deter predators. We learned simple things that we can do to help our world – turn off lights, conserve water, use reusable bags, etc.

We played in the water table and with shaving cream. Our art projects have included finger painting, sponge painting, drawing with oil pastels, and painting with dabbers, gadgets, and symmetry butterflies. The Annual Fairville Art Show will be on May 30 from 4:30PM until 6:30PM (rain date May 31). It is a very special event. Invite grandparents, if they live close.

We will spend the last two weeks with our favorite books, art projects, songs, and finger plays. Listen for the turkey and snowman songs. We’ll be going on a bear hunt again!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped with the Fun Fair and the classroom. Our last day of class is May 24. It has been a pleasure teaching your children.