A Beary Good Time!

In December, the ladybugs expressed interest in bears and I promised them after the winter break, we would have some fun with bears. So upon our return in January, we began reading lots of books about bears, and discovered that bears live in dens, have cubs in the spring, eat fish, insects, honey and they eat lots of food as they prepare to hibernate in the winter. We read, It's the Bear by Jez Alborough, which inspired us to have a teddy bear picnic! Judy even sang us a special teddy Bear picnic song.

We crumbled dark paper to make dens and caves for our bears. Then we ripped blue paper to make rivers so they bears could catch fish to eat...

The children have been enjoying the new play dough pushers and play dough  scissors and the new art center. We also brought out the trains when requested by the children and perhaps this may be our next topic of exploration.