Snow and Trains!

Way back in January, the ladybugs decided they wanted to learn about bears and trains. They chose to do bears first, and on clear days in between snowstorms at the end of February we heard a train in the distance "choo-chooing" during our afternoon class. Tracks were brought in the class and the wooden trains, and the ladybug track designers went to work. At first, some children relied on other builders to elaborate designs but as time past, all the ladybugs learned if they wanted a track built sometimes you had to rely on your own skills. The Ladybugs also had the opportunity to work on sharing and cooperation skills when choosing trains and playing beside friends. At Circle time, we read many books about trains, practiced our counting skills by counting train cars, we pretended to be a train as we chugged down the hallway and into the meeting room. We practiced our scissor skills as we cut out train cars and proudly hung them on the wall. We ended our train study by having a train ride in the room. The Ladybugs bought tickets and boarded the chair train. The conductor collected the tickets and drove the train to his/her destination of choice. Each child got a chance to be the conductor and pick a new destination. "All ABOARD!"  All this occurred during countless snowstorms and many adventures outside in the snow. So now the snow has melted, and signs of spring are starting to appear, we are looking for a new topic to explore. Perhaps, soccer?