Learning about Oscar

At Circle Time today, we learned a poem

Here is a rabbit with ears so tall. (hold up index and middle finger on one hand)
And here is his hole in the ground. (make hole by cupping other hand)
When a noise he hears, he picks up his ears (extend index and middle finger for ears)
And hops in his hole in the ground. (place fingers from bunny hand into hole )

After the poem, we read a a book to learn some wild rabbit facts. We learned that a rabbit's ears can twist towards the direction of a sound. A rabbit's nose twitches to help it smell different scents. We learned that rabbits live together in tunnels called warrens. Rabbit's use their front paws to dig the tunnels and their back paws to move the earth out of the way.  To help us remember our new facts, we pretended we were rabbits! The Ladybugs held their hands on top of their heads for rabbit ears and  turned them to hear a sound.  We tried to twitched our noses, but this resulted in a lot of closed mouths moving with a little movement from the nose. Digging pretend tunnels was more successful.