So much to do in SESSION TWO!

     Greetings, parents and science lovers!  We recently began the second session of the science enrichment class here at Fairville, where the unit of study is "Movement and Machines."  This has been a popular unit among the scientists over the past couple of years -- you get to send trucks zooming down inclined planes down  the hallway and knock over block towers with pendulums!  I personally love this unit because it is a perfect example of why this curriculum works so well.  Starting with how your own body works and taking that into how simple machines work is a smooth progression for our preschool-aged scientists.

"Silly Scientist" writing and illustrating

     The scientists used literature as a jumping point for discussions about our bodies and ways we can move them.  Two works of fiction that we especially enjoyed were Silly Sally and We're Going on a Bear Hunt.  I hope you enjoyed the sequel we wrote to the former, entitled Silly Scientists!

All the doctors care for Taryn's injured arm
Dr. Becca cares for a patient
Dr. Cooper bandages Laurie's arm
Dr. Mills listents to his patient's heartbeat
Dr. Brendan

     Next, we focused on parts of our bodies, reading many books about what is inside our bodies and learning some fun facts along the way.  (The kids had fun guessing which bone is the longest --the femur --and discovering that babies have more bones than grown-ups!)  We sang Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and made good use of Fairville's doctor dressup items.  During this pretend play time, the "doctors" mended bones, checked heart rates, dispensed flu shots, and put many bandaids on each other, as well as on me, Taryn, and Laurie.  We also roleplayed calling 911 in an emergency.

     Most recently in class, the term "gravity" was introduced, and nothing is more fun to use with gravity than balls!  On Monday, the kids worked hard making a list of ways to move a ball, all of which needed some outside force.  One scientist then thought of a way to move a ball without touching it: wind.  I'm sorry my substitute is the one who got to see the kids blowing balls down the hallway!  My fun is coming, though, when we next use gravity to move balls, along with the help of our first simple machine: the inclined plane.