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Greetings!  I hope this new blog helps you gain a better understanding of what the scientists and I do together each Monday and Wednesday afternoon.  We have had a lot of fun learning, observing, reading, wondering and discovering during class so far.

The theme of Session One is "Neighborhood Habitat."  The curriculum Fairville uses is designed specifically for young children;  it does a great job starting at the kids' level and building upon their knowledge.  As you may have heard from the children already, we started the session discussing Living vs. Non-living.  Perhaps you saw the chart we made in the hallway by the Meeting Room?  The kids cut pictures out of magazines and taped them under the correct Living or Non-living heading.  They really enjoyed taking  non-living objects -- rocks -- and painting and decorating them to make them look like living things.  (Check out the pictures below!)  One afternoon, we explored the Fairville neighborhood and the kids took pictures of different living things they noticed.  We read many books about different kinds of animals and played numerous variations of animal-pretend games outside.

On Monday I introduced the word "habitat" during class.  The scientists discussed what kind of animals live in the Fairville neighborhood/habitat in an attempt to relate this new concept to their own lives.  They also helped me sing the fun, extremely catchy song "Habitat" by Bill Oliver.  (Check it out at  We are presently focusing on the ocean habitat (Weren't those jellyfish cute?) but plan on getting into the rainforest and desert habitats as well, where we can concentrate further on living things other than animals.

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