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On Our Way To K
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Fairville offers afternoon enrichment classes in Art, Nature and Science to children ages 3 1/2* to 6 years; kindergarten students are also welcome.  Classes meet from 1:00 pm to 3:15 pm. You may choose to enroll your child in an enrichment class for an 8-week session, a semester or the full year.  Please call the office at 610-388-1268 or visit downloads for more information, 8-week session schedule, or to register.

*Child must be potty trained and developmentally prepared for a full day.

Art Class

Our Monday/Wednesday afternoon Art Class gives children the opportunity to experience many mediums beyond – and including – paint and clay.  In a fun, nurturing environment, students learn about perspective, interpretation, and other principles of art.  For young children, the learning that takes place during the process of creating art is usually more valuable than the creation itself, and in this way the class stays true to the Fairville philosophy while cultivating each child’s love and understanding of art.

Nature Class

Our Tuesday/Thursday afternoon Nature class is spent mostly outside on Fairville’s 2.5 acres.  During exploration, plants and animals are discovered and recorded, and their changes are noted and discussed throughout the school year.  The Nature Class has its own special spot in Fairville’s garden, which the students plant, tend, and harvest in the Spring.  Students also create pictures and sculptures with artifacts they find in nature, such as dried leaves, twigs, and mud.  Respect for the earth is fostered throughout the year, incorporating the Quaker tenet of stewardship of resources.

Young Scientists Class

Our Monday/WednesdayYoung Scientists Class offers children the opportunity to explore the principles of the world around them in a developmentally appropriate setting.  Topics  range from weather to space to physics – yes, physics! – and more.  The scientific method is introduced and practiced, and students develop and test hypotheses, record observations, and discuss findings.  Young Scientists is a unique chance for children to explore their curiosity and develop a love of learning about the world!

On Our Way To K

On Monday and Wednesday afternoons or Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, our On Our Way to K classes offer children who will be entering Kindergarten the following fall a chance for additional practice and reinforcement of the skills needed for transitioning to a Kindergarten program.

FUN Fridays

Fun Fridays is a fun, hands-on class that incorporates indoor and outdoor play with a variety of topics throughout the year.  Topics include cooking, theater, gardening, construction and art to name a few.  FUN!